We, Martha Ann and Jeff Traylor, have had the great privilege and pleasure of the companionship of Irish Wolfhounds for almost thirty years.  In 1992 we were allowed by Sue Engle Elliott to take a puppy from her kennel into our home.  We came to love this IW due to his great disposition, intelligence and all of the other characteristics of the breed.  We named him "Beowulf."  And it is to "Beowulf" and to Sue that this website and our efforts regarding Irish Wolfhounds are dedicated.

We, our five wolfhounds "Conan, Casey, Kassady, Tara & Brigid," our Shih-Tzu "Misty" and our Cockatoo's "Masu" live in Durham, NC. 

We are currently showing Casey and Kassady in confirmation.  Casey has won seven points so far and Kassady has one point.  These are both bred in Ireland from famous kennels that provided the original bloodlines for the Singing Swords kennel when it was started by Sue and her sister-in-law forty years ago.

We can be reached as follows:

email - irishwolfhounds@singingswords.com

Tel - 919-309-1255

Fax - 919-882-9400

Snail Mail -    PO Box 2752

                    Durham, NC 27715

Here's a page of photos of Beowulf and our other Irish Wolfhounds

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If you would like to know more about these great companions (Irish Wolfhounds) please contact us. 

We occasionally have puppies for qualified homes.

Watch this site for new improvements very soon.